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With our Global Free Trade Zones (GFTZ)

An International Digital Free Trade Zones Network at your service

[email protected] is an innovative international O2O platform (On-line - Offline) extending abroad the Free Trade Zones action and potential through the digital leverage.

By Providing an integrated direct support on logistics, payments, regulatory management and related customs procedures, in combination with the operational actions with digital distribution activities, offers to the companies a concrete infrastructure in their concrete internationalization on different markets.


Why Global Free Trade Zone @YIDUCITY

[email protected] is the most advanced Smart Free Trade Area that digital based extends the Chinese Free Trade Zones potential and allows its e-RESIDENTS a new O2O dimension without barriers for their business &trade around the world.

[email protected] is an interconnected network of different Global Free Trade zones (GFTZ) around the world among the different countries in Cross-Border and O2O.

By sharing of assets,business licences and operativity with its advanced geolocalized Artificial Intelligence engine, GFTZ e-RESIDENTS can immediately open their direct presence in others international markets, without any company incorporation and be able to handle as a local company all the activities.

Each GFTZ manages all direct Import & Export activities, local / international distribution, customs procedures, local payments & invoices, products labels, logistic & warehouses, e-Commerce/B2B, Cross-Border, Social media & commerce, inShop activities, O2O sales acitivities.

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One registration with which activate direct access and business activities on the entire GFTZs international network

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Product details, price and discounts, activation digital marketing, focus groups and much more in our special iSTOREs.

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Receive orders, Receive payments from different markets, Fulfilment, Product Collection and tracking

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Integrated import and export processing and logistical services

Integrated Logistics + Import + Warehouse + Distribution solution specifically designed for your trade and e-Commerce in China and International markets

Sharing Assets program

SHARE4START is easiest way to create real international companies presence, through the sharing of local corporate assets in pay-per-use, cutting the cost and time needed


With iDESK ACCELERATOR @HLP i+TRADE PARK your Company can activate own direct and commercial activities in China or Europe as a local company without having to create any company Chinese or international local company

All is Authenticated & in live tracking

In Yiducity all is authenticated by Qiao Tag: Products, Brand, Events, Locations and even interactions with local consumers offline in real time

International Payments Gateway & cash management

Online - Mobile - Offline multi payments gateways between different foreign currency and countries

And much more ... @Yiducity

iStores, Interactive Flyers O2O, Local Focus Groups, Business Matchmaking, Digital & Social Marketing activities and more ...


[email protected] is an innovative international O2O platform(On-line - Offline) extending the Free Trade Zones action and potential through the digital leverage.

A Division of Shanghai Yiduqiao (Qiao Lab Group), since 2011 a Cross-Border distributor based in China in partnerships with major digital retailers and shops chains in China, Asia, Europe, USA, Middle East and South America.

YIDUCITY is the first Smart Sharing City O2O that combining Semantic and AI approach with Geolocalization and own Digital Global Free Trade Zone Network (GFTZ), the revolutionary Aladdin Interface with live Voice, Chat and Image recognition interaction

  • Global and multi platform with which to contribute to the international interconnection between the different existing Free Trade Zones
  • A tool that enables companies to be able to consolidate the presence of their brands in different markets, integrating their activities of Trading, Marketing, Communication, Business and Social Commerce.
  • An innovative Smart Sharing City in which the entire wholesale and selling process is digitized, thereby allowing a costs reduction and an economy of scale, promoting and real-time monitoring trade results.
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